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Community Gardens

Why Gardens?

Garden General


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Food connects us all

Food is one of our most basic needs. Food isn’t only nutritious, it’s a common ground that brings people together. Whether people are meeting to share a meal, cooking together, or gardening, food makes a community. Good food reduces stress, can combat long-term illness, and aids in successful rehabilitation from drug use, physical impairment, and mental illness. Our agricultural program aims to bring people together through education, practical experience, and a shared love of fresh, accessible food.

From Seed to Table

The agricultural program at Greener Village is designed as a practical educational experience. Many of our visitors are unfamiliar with the journey that food makes from seed to table, and our goal is to help people understand the food production process as well as its impact on the global environment. Educational experiences include workshops, demonstrations, tours, and practical volunteer experiences for groups and individuals.

Who can join?

We encourage all individuals who have an interest in agriculture, ecology, and environmentalism to get in touch with us. Common visitors include clients, school groups of all ages, community groups, and corporate volunteer teams. Regardless of affiliation we aim to provide an engaging educational experience.

Agricultural Programming

Community Gardens

Our community garden program provides local green-thumbs in our community with everything they need to grow fresh, organic produce for their families. Priority is given to Greener Village members, but a small number of beds are available for the general community.

Production Program

Our production greenhouses produce fresh, organic food for our food hampers. With over 24 varieties of produce and 1,120sqft of growing space we are moving towards self-sufficiency.

Native Edible Shrubs and Trees

Affectionately called the “NEST”, this is a fantastic garden showcasing New Brunswick’s edible and medicinal trees and shrubs.

Ecological Feature Utilization

Part of our educational experience is teaching visitors how to use existing features in their growing areas. Demonstrations include a 3,000L rain catchment system and a 120sqft naturally heated pepper bed.

Compost Demonstrations

Greener Village is Fredericton’s official compost demonstration site. We host numerous composting workshops and provide programming for all ages.

Mighty Monarch Program

The Mighty Monarch program aims to help restore the Monarch Butterfly to safe population numbers while educating the public about environmental concerns and butterfly cultivation.