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Client FAQs

Q: I am new to the food bank. What must I bring with me for my first visit, and will I get food then?

A: Bring your Medicare card or, if that is unavailable, another form of ID such as a drivers' licence. We shall give you food at your first visit, as well as a list of documents to bring on your next visit.

Please be prepared to sit down for an interview. The process may take some time, depending on how busy we are that day (first-come-first-served). Our interviewers are available on Food Distribution days which are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00AM – 2:30PM

The documents you need to bring to establish your file include:

  • Medicare cards for all members of your family
  • Health cards from Income Assistance (if applicable)
  • proof of address e.g. power bill, driver's licence or lease agreement
  • proof of income which includes all income that applies to you and to anyone else in your family, such as:
    • child tax benefit stubs
    • EI, Pension and/or Disability stubs if relevant
    • pay stub, if you are employed
    • student loan: bring your Notice of Assessment
  • proof of expenses (receipts for rent, power, phone etc., or bank statements that show payments)

Please note that if all the above information is available at the time of your first visit, you may bring it with you then.

Q: You are not open today but I need food. Can I get something today to tide me over until the next regular food distribution day?

A: We have several volunteers who may make a decision if food can be given out even though it is not a regular food distribution day. There needs to be a good reason in order to process this request.

Q: I have a special occasion coming up (birthday, visitors, extra child at home etc.) Can I have extra help?

A: Sometimes we have a cake mix, or a toy that might be appropriate for a birthday gift. This depends upon availability.

We have a warehouse setting with a lot of potential hazards for little ones.  The food distribution requires volunteers to be age 13 and over. We encourage you to bring your younger children to help in the Gardens over the summer.  This is a beautiful learning experience for them and we appreciate your help.

We encourage young children and youth groups to collect and make SOUP KITS, or FOOD PACKS.  These are always in high demand at our Food Centre and they are a fun activity for groups.

Q: I cannot get to the food bank to pick up my food box. Someone else can pick it up for me, but may not be able to come during your regular hours.

A: Emergency situations, a box may be delivered to a person's home by a volunteer or by the Food Bank truck. This type of request is only approved by a Staff/Manager and is dependent upon volunteers being available.

Q: I have already had a food box this month. Can I come in again for more food?

A: The policy is for one box per month. However, exceptions may be made on occasion. An interview may be required before a second box is processed.

Q: I need help with my power bill, or can you help me with cash?

A: We can only provide assistance with food. We are unable to give cash assistance and are not aware of anyone in the community who can.

Q: I am calling to register for the food box Mobile Delivery.

A: Please leave your name and phone number. The Mobile Delivery is two Tuesdays of the month. Someone will call and fill out our Food Bank Registration/application form over the phone. You must call ahead each month in order to be put on the DELIVERY list 3 days PRIOR to the actual delivery date.

Q: I need furniture, OR I have furniture to donate.

A: We no longer have a furniture program.

  • Please refer to Anti-Poverty *Note that there is a small charge for furniture.
  • You can advertise free in Bargaineer, on Kijiji, or on the Web at